The sadness knocks to my door,
she comes with her friends.
I forgot pass the letch.

All is full of their colours.
The leaks grown in the walls
of the main room.

Only remembers bit
and the last part of his story
is broadcasted in TV.

He goes away.
Raining days.
Someone with his wing
clean my tears
while I feel a pain in the deepest.

Maybe the weather change next week
and if I see the heaven,
I will see a new star.

The blue season came
when he went away.
I couldn’t tell him goodbye,
I only showed him my smile.

I not remember what
were my last words.
I only know,
I held his hand.

I took care of him
as he was a Christ.
Maybe he never forgot this kindness
and he pass away dressed
with the tender coat
and the cloak of affection


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