Special year

You want stay more than your days, you want to cross the timeline and break the borders which has been establish. Being special but you want more.
Do you deserve something else? Not and you know it. Maybe in others, you behaved like your brothers, who had the same from the beginning but I don’t know what you found in me in order to change and prolong your existence more than was is marked in the calendar.

All started one night and a crow was in my city from all the countries. I was very busy but happy, those days were amazing. So, you started in the middle of those days, grab with your previous brother who was dying and wanted to hog its last days.
Long time ago, someone created you, don’t forget it. A lot of stories, sayings and curiosities has been taken about you and all the years like you; don’t hide after this clothes or pretend to be something else. This trick doesn’t work.

Yes, you always are different with your special baby who you love because other years didn’t have it. I tell you like a representative of the rest of the years who have your characteristics.
You and your same brothers brought me special things and I wonder but don’t find the answers. I know that in these periods a lot of important events happened in my life.
Today is your last day, what is your last wish? While you think about it, I continue writing. Your previous brother was very hard like a huge storm which shake the roots. And you, seem quite during the first part but changed and the second part sowed this seed which needs more than one year to grew. Maybe for this reason, you want remain beyond your time.
I don’t blame towards you, time is time and during this happens things but another make it. This decided put in your brothers and you these events, some of them I didn’t understand but accepted and others now I can understand a little.
Do you have your wish, don’t forget it.

You who are reading this composition, maybe you know this type of year and discern who is before I finish this written. Please, take care because it is very astute and try to deceive with its charms, magic power or anything.

A lot of things which you gave me, I didn’t look for them, I didn’t expect them. You surprised me enough. Some of them fall in a good soil, another near from the stones…
Now is your end and many doors are open, maybe you wrote a piece of a special chapter which goes one next year or during more years. Only who wrote it know all the story.
I never imagine how will be your next brother because will be in the next decade which all that it means.
Do I want to be guided by unexpected? Am I open to new things which can transform me?
Ascend and descend is difficult, above all the second.

How I started this year wrote in this language, I finish it in the same language. You can consider and honour and this is my gift for you, special year which today die and leaves a lot of things in my life.
In some hours you disappear but your effects continue and what will happen next year?


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