I want to start this composition thanking all people who have work in these European Meeting in Valencia: people who has worked in the shadow managed social networks, my colleagues from the welcome team, all families who have open their house to foreign people, authorities, Brothers from Taize and people from different countries who has come to this meeting.

I have been three times in Taizé and I have participated in four European Meetings from Taize. But these is very special because until now I had lived those from the outside part and this meeting is an opportunity to live all from another side. Also, move from being welcomed to host.

I was very enthusiastic about it. When last New Year’s Eve Brother Alois announced Valencia how the next place to European Meeting, I felt great joy, was much greater than if I had won the lottery. A lot of questions arose in my mind but the joy buried all in the deep and I dealt with this big challenge with joy. The unexpected always knocked on my door. First when the priest from my community involved me in this welcome team, after during all the meetings with Brothers and boss from our districts. When I believed that things go in one direction, all was changed and I came back to begin like children play in the sand. This is an example from these changes: Our district boss disappear and another person take responsibility of it add his work with others districts. Despite all off this, I continued working very hard with the illusion from the first day.

We bring this good news and people from Valencia host this in their hearts. The first miracle happened before the meeting. People who open their house and help in this meeting.

Amid of all tragedies who strike Europe, fear, distrust who want to invade our hearts; some very little is happening in Valencia and the Light shines with all his power in our hearts. When mass media show a black present and leaders from Spain don’t arrive and agreement. In this bad situation, Jesus has changed our lives. How do you explain a person who wait until midnight people who don’t know with the same joy as if they were close friends or their family?

I was all the 28th December welcoming people, awaiting the arrival and receiving them all with great enthusiasm. During the previous days I prepared my house in great detail because He are going to come in the people who I host. We had a papers from the number of people assigned from our parish and I learnt a big lesson from the welcome day. Papers can change and don’t are important because the will and spirit which are back from them, it is the essential. In our list we have assigned a lot of people from Ukraine but in the fact, these days nobody from these country appeared except volunteers on Saturday. The unexpected always surround this meetings and we are very happy with all people who came to our parish. In this process to welcome we change the number of assignations in each family because 26th December only arrives the half part from volunteers who had assigned.
When I am seeing all the people from different countries and families whose eyes shine in the moment of the reception, I feel the true joy and happiness. Another miracle is happening and I am part of it. I never get used to this. Doesn’t matter if one of host family don’t understand English because the language of love is understand for all. People from different cultures, religions, countries; all listened the call and were launched.

You can see a stream of people with their little things go to different receptions points. What are their motivations, who push them to go far away and meet in Valencia? Look what say: The nations will come to your light and kings to your dawning brightness. (Is 60, 3)

15.000 people from different countries are in Valencia and live together. It is amazing! They destroy the walls from hatred, mistrust and start building bridges of coexistence, peace, and solidarity. A great diversity meets in one place and what unites us overcomes differences.

Along these days, all prayer with one voice; share reflexions in small groups and know situations in different places; visit different workshops and visit places of hope. The air is special, please breathe and let it penetrates into your inner. I witness of it. It is real, not is a dream or something impossible. Please, come and look.

Inside of each church, and tent for praying the silent and respect reign, all sing the same songs in different language and you can watch this in streaming for first time. Oh, yeah!! Yes, my unknown friend and reader.

I say even more, because I have lived a lot of different experiences with my Polish friends hosted in my house. I have done a lot of work with humility and simplicity: housework, meetings with the welcome team, so far. I don’t forget the New Year´s Eve, all together in the church praying for peace suddenly the New Year arrives. After we enjoy in the Festival of Nations. A special mention for the New Year Eucharist presided by Swiss Bishop Alain de Raemy.

Another Europe is possible, a new way to live. Who has believed our message (Is 53,1a)? The message from Taizé is for everyone. Leaders, heard the clamour from people, look their behaviours. The new generation is here and pacemakers are ready; we have left aside our differences, embracing what unites us and learning from each other.

These days have shown different things are possible: understanding, welcome, trust, fraternity, love, living the unexpected with peace and joy; and exchange. If we let He leads our lives, we can follow with these style of live during all the year and this New Year is a huge opportunity to grow and walk in another path for all.

In this link you have some testimonies from people and all the details for this European Meeting including including its preparation:




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